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Atlantic Soybean Council Seeking Research Proposals

by | Oct 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Researchers interested in soybean production in the Mid-Atlantic region are encouraged to submit proposals for work during the 2022 growing season to the Atlantic Soybean Council (Council) by July 15, 2021.

The Council is accepting proposals to develop and coordinate a multi-state on-farm research program with the purpose of creating a multi-state on-farm network of replicated field experiments. The program will result in a data base that captures results over differing environments and will address common interest for the farmers in the member states.

“Projects funded by the Atlantic Soybean Council aim to maximize farmer’s investment in the soybean checkoff program,” said Council Chair Travis Hutchison. “Through the Council, we are able to bring researchers and producers together to identify needs throughout the region, where multi-state research can be beneficial.”

The Council combines soybean check-off funds from its six (6) member states to sponsor basic and applied research to increase soybean profitability and enhance yield, while maintaining or improving soybean composition, through genetic improvement and biotic and abiotic stress mitigation.

Researchers will be notified of funding decisions in early Fall. For more information, including full RFP and proposal template, contact Danielle Bauer Farace, Executive Director, 443-812-4526,